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Street Children Informal Education and Food Distribution 

Building a Better Future

Group Camp Code : SMILE GR01

Location: Kolkata and around,

Number of Volunteer: 8-30

Date : Anytime of the year

Age :16+

Target Group for these camps:- 

Helping Children from the street and slum( mostly refugees)  to get basic education,vocational and hygienic training etc. Daily more than 300 families receives support at our different centres around the state of West Bengal . 

Project Back ground :- India having uncountable numbers of street and slum dwellers . There are thousands of poor refugees coming every year from nearby countries and from different small towns/ villages and adjacent cities to the big cities. Most of these families are living in a very poorly condition at slums or on street corners without basic supports. Normal societies are so busy to deal with their personal daily problems, so have little time for these unfortunate people. We have got our projects for these unfortunate street children at the different locations of big cities. Children age Would be 3-15years, both girls and boys. 

Location: This ancient town is located just 20 km from the Kolkata city centre which was used to be the capital of British colonial period. This town has full of heart ,people are basically belongs to the middle class . There are also rich and poor people all around . City Kolkata is know for its busy traffic ,huge population ,warm weather and poverty around the street corners! It is a great place to visit for every tourist coming to India.During the Camp on every  weekends, there would guided cultural city trip would be organised. No extra fees!! 

Work & Activities :- Most important target of the project is to bring smile among these children and provide confidence and moral support to their mother .Volunteer would use different way of informal education technique to present a unique and attractive way of education programs for these kids .Most of these kids speaks local Bengali /Hindi language but they are very smart and teaching them with the support of local coordinator would not be so difficult ,just little bit of patience and involvement can solve this problem easily. All volunteers would go through orientation on arrival and two local language session during this camp. This activities running since 2003 !

Painting and Renovation of SMILE  Informal School Building

Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

Group Camp Code : SMILE GR06

Location:Madhyamgram, Kolkata,

Volunteer Number: 8-30

Date : Anytime of the year

Duration: 2-4 weeks

Project Details:- 

SMILE always believes in family type of environment !! Organisation always trying bring all Volunteers living at the same city can have a chance to live together with the local volunteers as a big family . So this year we are expecting to start such place with the help of our host families. So we are in need of volunteers in group to help in painting and construction our dream place which is known as volunteer shelter. simultaneously our sincere effort to have animal shelter,vocational training shelter,  rain water reserver to store rain water for further uses. So our Renovation and painting project has a great importance on our different projects . We are trying to bring different activities at one place . Such shelter would be our base point to bring help around . Presently shelter is going on under the observation and guidance of local host family .   We welcome young energetic hard working international volunteers to participate in our RENO camps ! We also welcome groups to come and help us in construction and painting !! So for those who want to spend an exciting volunteer activities ! Please join this camps !!

Rooftop Organic Farming

Making a Difference 

Urban Organic Farming  

Group Camp Code : SMILE GR08

Location: Madhyamgram, Kolkata

Date: Anytime of the year

Volunteer number: 6 -15

Duration: 2-4 weeks 


This is one of the very important project which we had started in 2013. In this camp volunteer group would help us to develop our rooftop Organic Farm. Here we grow Organic vegetables to train community about organic farming project. There are many children also from refugee families from the street whom we serve on everyday a basis since 2003 ! These needy community are always in problem of food. Our attempt to initiate our small attempt to fulfil some of their need on completion of this project and make this project more sustainable. We need energetic youth group to help us this year to finish this dream project . Later we like to continue same type of project around  to bring smile among needy faces . In this camp activities like cleaning roof, digging water storage would be main job. 

** Please remember that  programme schedule or project site can be changed or altered by the Project In-charge if required and all volunteers are requested to cooperate with our local members and partners. All schedule should be followed and mandatory for everyone to participate and contribute.. 


Madhyamgram, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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